Thank you Riot for creating this champion

Although he was released approximately 6 months ago, I recently got the chance to play Jhin in the free week rotation and bought him because {{champion:202}} feels so good in terms of gameplay and overall champion design. Here are some reasons why I like Jhin: 1) He is balanced because he is not very mobile, but the sheer amount of damage you can deal feels so gasmworthy (idc if its not a word) 2) Whenever you execute people with your ult or the 4th auto attack feels again so satisfying 3) Both me and Jhin are perfectionists since I have always wanted to kill enemies in the most perfect way. 4) He is quite hard champion to both farm and play properly with, but thats what I like about {{champion:202}} which makes me try even more to master him. 5) His quotes are just amazing 6) Unlike Jhin, I am not a psychopat I finally found a champion with whom I really connect besides the psycho part, and again a big thank you Riot for this champion {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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