New reward system sucks! (BE)

I hate this new system,where i need to play a lot of games just to get 1 crappy champion capsule! I need champions,i don't need champion shards,also,if want to activate my shards i need Be,that means more games,more toxic players,more bad feelings...i just want to get rewarded every game like before,i can get more Be after every game instead of leveling up...when i leveled up to 32...i got %%%%ING Ashe...worth 82 Be...really Riot? and i spent over one day just to level have other's thing's to do....i wont stay all day long just to get one worthless champ something about this,i'm def not satisfied about the new reward system! It's League play to win? so you need to buy xp boost just to level up? screw this...
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