Is Jhin the shadow art box of Zed?

Please before reading watch Jhin interactions,We can deduce that Jhin is from ionia and he was sealed by Zeds master the only possible place to be sealed is inside the shadows box and Jhins are creatures that make a wish come true when Zed had a wish to beat shen back to beat Shen then he had it. Shen's father sealed Jhin away cause he couldnot kill him and he thought zed can kill Jhin so he tols zed to go in the temple and destory the box.But then Jhin appearead and shot Zed's eye thats why Zed screamed . And den he thought the master had tricked him so Zed killed the master.And that explains hoW Jhin claims that Zed had tried to kill him. And thats why he shot Zed eye in his page . Cause Zed wanted to have his vision back. This is just a theory but intersting cause based on Jhin's interactions. If u want more info pls read my big theory it got more info

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