Fix this whole season (worst meta so far with the worst changes so far)

Where is the structure in this season? Mages going botlane Adcs played on mid and top, melee champions unplayable in mid and top thanks to the inspiration tree that still isnt removed because Riot apparently thinks that free items are fun and losing the lane to klepto rng is fair. Jungle is a mess, camps need to long to respawn, farm junglers arent viable because not ganking isnt an option thanks to clears being too fast and camps needing to long to respawn (jungle dominates solo queue bad jungler = lost game) Teleport gets nerfed into oblivion because competetive takes it on botlane ( competetive ruins the game with their picks and following nerfs ) Every new champion or rework is overdesigned and unfun to play against ( look at Urgot, Aatrox, Akali,Irelia,Pyke and Yuumi especially ) Ban system sucks because there can be double bans in a meta where legit 30 champions are overpowered + the trolls that ban nothing insted of asking others if they want a ban means give us a 20 ban system or fix the meta! Why cant we just go back to the old mastery and runes system where Runes legit didnt give you the power to oneshot or dps like a god ( see electrocute dh, conqueror, press the attack, grasp and legit every keystone cause almost all are broken on their own) , where actually the champion had his uniqueness and wasnt reliant on the best rune for it being meta This game has gotten constantly worse since they added thinks like key masteries in preseason 6 , remember when Courage of the Colossus dominated the game or sunfire iceborn grasp was just too good to be not played? Why not let champions be unique with the old mastery trees and the old runes, the system wasnt bad just unlock all runes for everyone so you dont have to grind them for years. Not to mention every new item brings way too much dmg into the game - Duskblade dmg passive - Protobelt free flash + dmg active and hillariously cheap - Hextech Glp dmg active - statikk+ rapidfire dmg combined - Gunblade straight up an additional dmg spell - Steraks and Pd giving a way too huge shield - Titanic active huge dmg spike for tanky bruisers - spear of shojin being way too good on certain champions (jax renekton) - Zhonyas way too cheap for a way too broken active - New wits end dmg + healing - Rageblade being way too overtuned - Death dance passive way too good - Ludens dmg passive making burst mages way too potent
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