A wonky ability interaction explained

Hi there. Following the recent _Face Your Fears_ article, and reading up on some ~~complaints~~ comments on the connected [discussion thread](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/ZcXMPfeE-face-your-fears-and-talk-about-them), I was prompted to think about this topic, as it seems not everyone is aware of a core aspect of nearly all abilities in the game. So, without futher ado: - Generally speaking, all abilities in League of Legends go through four steps, from the moment you press R to the moment the ability has run its course. These four steps are: _1. Pressing a key 2. Casting 3. Flight 4. End_ Steps 1 and 2 are fairly self-explanatory, so I'll get back to them when they are more relevant to an example I use. It is steps 3 and 4, and specifically the "flight time" between them, that I'm going to focus on. To start us off, let's take a generic skillshot, like {{champion:81}} 's ultimate. The four steps are easy to spot here: You hit R, {{champion:81}} casts his ult, the ult launches, and the ult eventually flies off the edge of the map. You will probably see why I've nicknamed the time between point 3 and point 4 as "flight time". Regarding this flight time, most players quickly learn that, no matter what happens to {{champion:81}}, the ult will keep flying until the end. There is nothing, save for {{champion:201}} or {{champion:157}} , that can stop that yellow banana from reaching the edge of the map. Alright, simple, fair enough. But this same rule applies to far more than just global skillshots. - Let's apply the four steps to {{champion:9}} next. You hit R, {{champion:9}} casts his ult, he teleports and starts "CAW CAW" -ing like no tomorrow, and eventually the ult fades away. Now, we're going to intruduce a complication here (dear god). Namely, {{champion:9}}'s ultimate _can_ be interrupted not only during step 2, but during step 3 as well. How? Simple: we kill {{champion:9}}. Now, in general, you can only interrupt an ability during its "flight time" if it is somehow reliant on its champion. And even then, sometimes only by killing the champion. - Let's take a third example, one I experienced myself some months ago: the interaction between {{champion:19}}'s ult and {{champion:6}}'s _Disdain._ That match actually partially inspired me to write this, as the {{champion:19}} player apparently reported me for hacking; he did not understand the interaction I'm about to describe. Consider the following: {{champion:19}} casts his ultimate, aimed at {{champion:6}}, at the same time as the latter casts _Disdain,_ aimed at {{champion:19}}. What will happen? Both abilities go through step 1, then a very brief (instant) step 2, then the champions launch at each other (step 3). Now, as both abilities have passed into their flight times, but both abilities rely on the state of their respective champions, they can only be interrupted by an effect that messes with the champions themselves (such as a sudden pull from {{champion:53}}). Unfortunately, {{champion:53}} isn't here right now, so it's down to the interaction between {{champion:19}} and {{champion:6}}. When the two collide, both abilities will trigger according to their criteria (hit box collision). In this case, {{champion:19}} will begin channeling his ult and suppressing {{champion:6}}, while the latter will grab {{champion:19}} and toss him over the shoulder. Now, the significant difference here is that {{champion:19}}'s ult has a channel (and an arguable step 3.5, as this occurs post- "flight time"), while _Disdain_ simply excecutes an effect. This means that, as both effects trigger, the CC from _Disdain_ will interrupt {{champion:19}}'s channel, ending the ability prematurely. Even so, {{champion:19}} will have a very brief moment where his ultimate does activate and apply its effects. - This result is repeatable in multiple interactions, including but not limited to: 1. {{champion:90}} ult and {{champion:67}} _Condemn._ 2. {{champion:54}} ult and {{champion:78}} _Heroic Charge._* 3. {{champion:18}} _Rocket Jump_ and {{champion:106}} _Rolling Thunder._ (arguably, anything interrupts _Rocket Jump_) 4. {{summoner:4}} and ~~%%%%ing everything~~ multiple forms of CC. *(_Unstoppable Force_ is not technically unstoppable, it's just that {{champion:54}}'s hit box disappears during the flight. If {{champion:78}} successfully targets {{champion:54}} with _Heroic Charge_ before his hit box has disappeared, _Heroic Charge_ will follow through.) In these examples, the 2nd champion's ability will mess with the 1st champion's ability, even though the 1st ability appears to trigger first. Sometimes (most often with {{summoner:4}}), latency plays a part in these wonky interactions. But I hesitate to call them bugs, so long as this pattern can be found in the interaction. - So there you go: one of League's wonkier mechanical rules, explained as best I can. Do leave feedback, and list some more of these wonky interactions if you can think of them. - [edit] More interactions: 1. {{champion:122}} and {{summoner:4}}. If he gets to activate his ult, flashing away during his flight time won't save you. _Noxian Guillotine_ still connects. 2. {{champion:157}} and {{item:2420}} or {{item:3157}}. If, for whatever reason, Yasuo decides to go golden mid-ult, he will still deal damage. - [edit] Re-worded step 2 from "channeling" to "casting". (thanks to _The Smith of Lie_ for catching the bad wording)
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