Bronze noobs

could you please explain how does anyone get out of bronze ? there is no such player that can 1v5 on start of the match lvl 1 how do you carry bunch of feeding noobs i main jax and i'm very good with him i farm gank ocasionally i dont gank often because if we are winning i cant gank cuz the enemies are under tower and i cant gank if we losing because i'll die cuz they're too feed how can you beat 19-0 jinx surrounded by 4 tanks ? HOW ? i win 4 games in a row and then i lose 6 games in a row but its always afk always feeder THERE ALWAYS HAS TO BE SOMEONE WHO DOESNT LIKE SUPP SO HE TROLLS AND PICKS OLAF !!!!! i play every role and i respect pick order usually i'm calm when playing but man when we winning 19-3 with 4v5 and then some stupid jinx IN OUR TEAM goes too far and feeds them all and then they go 5v1 on me every single time i cant even reach enemy vayne in tim 90 % of the games i play we have afk and i dont understand i really dont understand how always my team is the one losing why cant there be afk in their team why cant enemy jinx suck ? why cant enemy mf suck ?
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