Is Flex 5 Matchmaking bugged?

Hi there fellow players and developers! (THIS IS JUST IN DETAIL! YOU DON'T NEED TO READ THIS! SKIP TO ONE BELOW IF YOU WANT TO JUMP IN) Just like every other League players i started ranked when season started and i wanted to go for Flex 5 because i like it. In my first game i had really, really really bad times with my ADC on bot(Yes i'm a support main). This person was not last hitting minions with mf and not harassing the enemy at all. I won't go too indetail about matches because that's no the point of this post. After losing my FIRST game i was set to Plat 1 0LP. Result of 10 Placement matches was 3-7. Yes i only won 3 and lost 7 unfortunately. I get it! losing is a part of the game aswell. But not like this! My team was really underperforming for a plat team. I still didn't bat an eye. After all 10 games i was plat 1 67lp. Today i was like, who cares let me go for a game. Maybe i win this time. So we had this game where my adc was Vayne and enemy was Kai'sa/Morgana. As a Thresh player with approximetly 6Million mastery points and season 3,4 and 5 Challenger 5v5 i am well experienced in botlane and late game. After losing bot hard because of a dis advantage(vayne) in our team i was so tilted that i started roaming. I got our midlaner Zed a huge advantage and won him his pressure then i ganked top and dived then got kayle a kill over yorick. Alright i went too much in detail but you can see how i got something for the team. With headache and pain we won the game! I shotcalled a lot and thanks to Kha'zix we won the game. POINT So i was invited by Zed and Vayne and i joined just to say 'why they invite me and how bad they are' just to see a TRIANGLE. IT SAYS YOU'RE INELIGABLE TO PLAY WITH THESE PLAYERS BECAUSE OF HIGHER RANK. Then i'm like WHAT? I just had game with these people. I go to their profiles just to see that they are all SILVERS... MY TEAM TOP: SILVER 2 JUNGLER: SILVER 1 MID: SILVER 2 ADC: UNRANKED(Gold s8) ME: PLAT 1 ENEMY TEAM TOP: UNRANKED(Silver s8) JUNGLER: UNRANKED(Gold s8) MID: UNRANKED(Plat s8) ADC: SILVER 1 SUPPORT: UNRANKED(Gold s8) I would like to have an explainaition why i am placed with these people when i can't even pre with them. What kind of system is this? I am 2-3 wins away from Diamond but this is the matchmaking? I also got 11LP from that game. Someone please explain!

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