Happy Birthday Thresh!

http://mwokajicakery.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/green-lantern-birthday-cake.jpg Exactly 3 years ago, on 23th January 2013 our beloved Chain Warden joined the League. So I thought to myself... why not take this oppurtinity to make an allround thread about him? I'd just want you guys to share whatever comes to your mind when thinking about Thresh, be it gameplay, art, lore, or something completely different! --------------------------- http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/f/f3/Thresh_OriginalSkin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130110021000 Not sure if I overlooked something, but Thresh doesn't seem to have a chinese splash differing from ours. (Maybe has something to do with him being rather recent and Riot wanting to have the same contet on every server, but who knows) So... uhh... all of a sudden a lot less I can talk about... Something else I noticed (everyone else most likely already knew, but still): Championship Thresh has a symbol on his back similar to the Season 3 Ranked Icons. http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/3/35/Thresh_ChampionshipSkin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141109231613 http://static.mnium.org/images/contenu/actus/LOL/PBE/icons/lol_s3_icons.png As for the skin I like most (even tho i don#t play much Thresh and got no skin for him anyway): http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/2/29/Thresh_BloodMoonSkin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141205122540 Mainly due to his red animations ingame. --------- And when thinking about Thresh, I also remember 2 songs I won't be able to forget for quite some time again, cus they just keep sticking in my head. (mainly cus the original is aloready catchy...) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebz0lVVbRho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2C4XB0sFBc ---------------------------------- Thresh is one of those champions who'll most likely never fall out of meta due to their versatile kits. Every of his skills packs a lot of utility, while the dmg of his E passive or Ult is not to be underestimated. And then there is this most likely age old question: Coin or Relics? While Coin gives you that extra numpf for engages, I personally always pref Relics (no matter if playing myself or being bot with one), the sustain and tankyness both are quite helpfull. (opposing to Coin Relics sustains for your ADC too) As support, in lane Thresh can fill the role of a utility or tank/engage support, but lategame he mainly is used as tank. I personally couldn't point out any times in the game where Thresh is stronger or weaker (okay, lets be honest, only weaker, cus he's strong all the time). Kinda feel the need to mention Madlife, as so to say a move has been named after him: Predicting a flash with your Death Sentence, havint the enemy flash directly into it. (this is mainly possible due to his E not having to channel into the direction it will hit, but it channeling into the directing Thresh looked before, while it can go anywhere) As alternative builds... I have tried around with AP Thresh a bit, but that's not really working... However... there is something else, that being a build that even can outdo Veigar with literral One-shotting. And because it often is mistaken with "Crit Thresh", actual one shots usually happen with a Thresh stacking AD and having a bit of Crit chance (Usually IE and Stattiks or the new Rapidfire Cannon), and getting a rather lucky crit. (whereas Crit-Thresh to me means 100% crit chance, which mainly comes with AS items) So I'm just gonna call it AD Thresh and everyone knows what is ment anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q31096WM1A ------------------------------------- Thresh's Lore is... dark to say the least. At first I just assumed he was a dude from the shadow isles, having fun capturing souls. Doesn't sound that nice I guess, but still okayish. But little did I expect what I just got to read: Thresh was once a member of an order devoted to gathering and protecting knowledge. As a strong willed man, Thresh was choosen to guard an underground vault full of evil artefacts. For years the relics preyed on his insecurities, taunting him with his deepest fears and feeding his bitterness. Latter on, Thresh’s spite surfaced through wanton acts of cruelty, as his talent for exploiting vulnerability bloomed, as he started torturing said artefacts. (slowly ripping pages out of a living book, or scratching the glass of a mirror bound with the mind of an ancient mage.) Thresh kept those things secret from the organasiation, and not many of them were keen to have something to do with the cault anyway. There were no humans in the... you could call it prison I guess, but some day, a warlock who had infused his body with raw sorcery, which gave him the power to regenerate his flesh, no matter how grievous the wound, got sent there. I don't think I do need to mention how much joy this was for Thresh. With the time Thresh grew more distant to the organization, so even as some incidents with members disappearing happened, noone investigated Thresh. All this took a turn when the disaster known as the Ruination struck, magical shockwaves claimed the lives of all who lived on the isles and transformed them into a state of undeath. While this haunted everyone else, Thresh relished the chance to continue his cruelty without fear of reprisal, unfettered by the limits of mortality. As a wraith, Thresh could torment the living and the dead endlessly, delighting in their despair before claiming their soul for an eternity of suffering. (Not sure cus I'm not too much into Lore, but I highly assume those 'isles' are the shadow isles, so this hints at them being normal islands before they got to be as what we know them) ------------------------------------- As I started picking a quote of our featured champions... the one that sticks in my head is: #Ah, the sweet tones of misery. But I realised this part often is quite hard to decide, so I'd want to ask you guys, which of Thresh's quotes are most iconic in your opinion? --------------------------- And there we arrived at the Trivia bit: Thresh was designed by Bradford 'CertainlyT' Wenban. To "thresh" means to separate grain from wheat, usually with a sickle. This could refer to his weapon being kinda similar to a sickle, or him seperating the souls from the flesh of his victims. (or both) When Thresh dies his own soul is harvested by his lantern. Most likely meeting all the other souls in there... I imaged it not being too pleasant for him in there then. ^^' We all know that Lucian hates Thresh, and that it is because Thresh took Senna's (Lucian's wife) soul. But still worth mentioning. Incidentally, his original base health at level 18 was 2013. (the year of his release) Thresh was the first champion to be released with the new champion price structure, costing IP 7800 for the first week. Thresh is the second ranged champion to not use projectiles for ranged basic attacks, the first being Kayle, and later on Vel'Koz and Azir. He has, in fact, three different attack animations. In melee range, he hits directly with the sickle, at mid-range he swings his sickle in a circular and horizontal movement, and at long-range he uses it like a whip. Thresh dances by swining his Hook and lantern around, but if his lantern is thrown out, he'll only swing his hook. Death Sentence has an unique quirk; unlike most spells with a windup casting time, Thresh does not face the specific direction he is casting the ability until he actually sends out the hook. (This is actually something that seperates the great Thresh's from the good ones, you can charge at one enemy and even channel your hook into their direction, while hooking somewhere completely else) Thresh is the first champion with an ability that can affect an allied champions position. (excluding terraing Like Anivia's Wall) Nunu will drop 2 souls (one for Nunu, one for Willop (his Yeti)), Sehuani however, will only drop one. Although Zombie Brand and Haunted Maokai also have revival animations prior to Thresh's release, Thresh is the first champion to have the revival animation in his classic skin. Thresh is one of the 6 Champions that can infinetly stack and scale. However, I think Thresh is said to cap at 999,999 souls, but we'll ignore that for now. --------------------------------- Now it's time you all share your thoughts on him! :D We all love you Thresh, stay an awesome Chain-master!
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