im looking for his weakness can you help

i am realy wondering how can you ever win vs a yasuo... i know i know pick a team that can cc chain him focus him w8 for his ww pop his shield i know all that.... but the just of fighting a yasuo is teamwork and we all know its verry hard to come by no one in leage can win vs a yasuo on his own (yes i do kow that yasuo takes some practice to play "good" but that cant be an exuse for his kit) im wondering is there ever a way to beat yasuo and im talking about blind pick if you pick jax you might be able to fight .... if your jungler and mid lane come help and you make shure his shield is down and his wall is on cd yes counterpicks tend to do that but im thinking in general im looking for a weakness evry champ in leage has one and i found most of them i cant find yasuo's weakness bicides they guys who play him (like riven) i know cc him but thats not a weakness evry champ is in a bad position when he gets cc'ed i just want to find 1 flaw in his kit that i can exploit do you guys know what it is ?
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