When will Riot finally nerf Nasus

I honestly know of just 1 champion that is so disgusting that I honestly would rather see him just be deleted and let to be forgotten *Cough {{champion:75}} Cough* Now the thing is that he is clearly meant to be a beginner champion... *Starts laughing like crazy* BEGINNER MY A$$!!!! HE'S FOR MENTALLY CHALLENGED!!!! *Keeps laughing and calms down* I honestly have no respect for mentally dead mutts. The thing is that he just takes so little skill that you could honestly be THE WORST player in THE WORLD and still only die 5 times and then get a score of 30/5/14. This pretty much means that there is no such thing as a counter on him. The only reason why anyone was able to even beat him in the first place is because the Nasus user was a beginner. I have no problems against new players using Nasus to get used to the game. But when I see someone who has played a lot of games, using Nasus... I honestly just want to go to the guy who originally made him and hang him by his own organs. And that wouldn't be enough of a punishment. Now the most DISGUSTING thing about Nasus is that he can just build full on tank with out buying any damage items. Which I find funny cause he is registered as a FIGHTER!!! His secondary is to be a TANK!! So this means that he is a tanky character who can either build damage, but would have to sacrifice health in order to deal more damage, or he can build tank, but would have to sacrifice damage in order to survive fights longer. But Nasus is one of those characters who can just throw the entire balance out of the window and take a pi$$ on it.... Now let me get this straight. Fighter tank means that you can be a tank that can deal so much damage that you can one shot other tanks? Hmmm oh wait!! NO IT FREAKING DOESN'T!!!!! A fighter tank is meant to be a damage dealing character who is the second best in the team to be a damage sponge. If you think of it logically, assasins and marksmen are the squishiest. So this means that they can be one shot by each other and other classes can easily beat them aswell. Fighters and mages are the medium so to speak. This means that they can take atleast few more hits than an assasin or marksman. As for the tank, they are meant to be the ones that deal the least damage but they can soak it up. So going by what I just said, Nasus should be a character between Fighters and Tanks, meaning that if you built him to be a tank, he would lose damage and vice versa. Here are few good excamples of Fighter Tanks in the game. {{champion:62}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:2}} These characters have abilities that require damage to be used properly. But the thing is that they need health aswell. If they have too little health, they will be easily beaten by anyone that can deal a lot of a damage. But if you build them with health, this will mean that they lose the damage output they originally had but can take more damage thanks to it. When it comes to these characters the question is, do I want more damage to beat my opponent? Or do I want health to outlast them? Nasus honestly doesn't need that decision. He just needs to buy health and do 1 thing to get damage. Now the things that make Nasus in my opinion the most retarded is the fact that his passive gives him life steal, his Q gets more powerfull with each and every kill you make with it. His other 2 abilities I will not talk about this time cause right now these 2 are the main issue. The main problem with these abilities is that they can quarantee anyone an easy one shot champion, that can destroy anyone and anything. The main problem with the Q is that it can be powered up all the time.... There is no real roof to the ability, so this means that after last hitting about 200 minions with the Q, it will do so much damage that it can't be dealt with anymore. And since it can be also used on towers, it can even one shot those aswell.... So how do you counter a champion that has an ability that can be powered forever? Of course you would think that by stunning, slowing, knocking up, and other abilities would work but..... Because Nasus never had to buy any damage, he could just simply buy health items that give armor and magic resist.... So no matter what he can just take the damage and heal himself up with his passive and Q. So the question is how could he be nerfed? He can't just be deleted, cause then all those freaking Nasus cry babies will cry about it, but his abilities can't be just changed, cause then the same cry babies will start another riot... So how could he be nerfed? The best answer I could come up with would be that, any time he died he would lose the stacks his Q had been build for. Not all of them, just 70% of them. That way there wouldn't be a champion that can just keep powering up for the entire game. Cause why should Nasus be the only champion in the league who can just keep powering up his Q? {{champion:412}} {{champion:14}} Oh? Well the thing is that Thresh' souls are mostly random. And you need atleast 3 to even get 1 point of AP. The only times he can get insane amount of souls is if he was part of every champion kill in the game, cause champions drop souls no matter what as the minions drop chance will just be lowered as the game goes on. Sion on the other hand just raises his health but not to the point where he has about 100 000 HP at the 45 minute mark. He still needs to buy health and damage to be a nightmare. And most importantly, these 2 don't just raise the power of just 1 ability till they can one shot a TANK!! But even after this I honestly just hate Nasus and nothing in this world will ever get me to even play as him. Death before dishonor!!! But that was just me complaining about 1 ability. If I had complained about the rest this would be longer and I honestly don't feel like writing anymore. Let me know what ways you would nerf Nasus or how he could be improved so that he wouldn't be this cheap shot champion.
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