[Suggestion] Hide Rakan's E second range indicator if Xayah is not on the allied team.

Currently whenever Rakan and Xayah are on the same team, Rakan has 2 range indicators on his E. The bigger one being for Xayah and the smaller one for everyone else. However, when there is no Xayah on the same team, his both range indicators are present, which makes the bigger one pointless and can distract the summoner. This goes for Xayah as well. Her W ability has a range indicator, showing where Rakan will get the ability effect if she uses it. Since her ability is buff, rather than click and point ability, it doesn't interfere with the gameplay that much. My suggestion is to remove Rakan's outter range indicator on E if Xayah is not on his team side, and remove Xayah's range indicator on W if Rakan is not on her team side.
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