How to nerf Camille

Ok so I saw a lot of people saying how they think Camille is broken AF(which I personally think she is as well) but with a history of riot ruining champions completely with nerfs *cough cough* Azir, i would like to give my opinion on how I think camille should be nerfed. P(Adaptive defenses): In my personal opinion there isn't much of a problem with this passive considering that courage of the colossus pretty much does the same thing(ok not as good in the lanning phase but better later) so I don't think this passive should be changed number wise, but I think that the cooldown should maybe be increased slightly since it does come off faster than courage Q(precision protocol): This is where things get interesting. I saw that riot already nerfed this ability in this patch but personally, I still think it's a bit too good lategame(100% of the damage turned to true damage is a bit too crazy) so I think that maybe it should convert 80% of the damage to true damage it would just be slightly better since you do max this ability if my knowledge serves me right W(Tactical sweep): For this particular ability I don't think it's the damage that is the problem, but the slow itself. 90% at rank 1 is simply too crippling for anyone so my suggestion is maybe make it scale from 60-65-70-75-80 at max rank. Yes i do not think it should scale to 90% since it is just too crippling E(Hookshot): From what I saw reading on the threads I think this ability is the one that makes Camille really toxic due to her crazy long engage and stun itself on a bruiser(Hi Irelia) but I don't think that is the engage nor the stun that is the problem, but the fact that the duration of bonus attack speed at level 1 being 5 seconds,5 seconds of 40% attack speed at lvl 1 I find to be really good considering how bursty your damage is. So i think that the amount of time you have bonus attack speed for should scale similar to W from 3secs-3.5-4-4.5-5 seconds at max rank since you do max this second or first even. lastly R(Hextech ultimatum): Boy this ability is toxic. Not only does it lock you in with Camille, but you also can't flash out of it. The problem with this ability is that it is what makes Camille unique, the thing that could be changed here is that maybe the duration should be reduced from 4 seconds to 3(any less and the ability would be a bit useless if you ask me) So this are some nerfs that I would give to Camille if I was a riot worker or balancer. Again maybe don't do them all at once but I don't know maybe hit her with one of the above if she is too strong right now, then if she becomes stronger again apply another one, but from how much I played Camille until now, these are the kind of numbers that I think should be changed Genuinely hope a rioter sees this even though it's unlikely{{champion:164}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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