How the fucc do I play Katarina?

So I have been trying to learn this god damn champion and I just cant seem to get the hang of her What the guides teach me is that I am supposed to go into their team ult and get out alive but Im squishy af and cc hard counters me I have a sh*t wave clear too What I heard from Mobalytics is that I am supposed to be shoved in non stop and zone myself... But then I end up with 40 cs at 10 minutes.. Even if I try to compete with the enemy laner and actually stand next to the minions so I get farm I keep getting poked out and get zoned out and then I have to back as soon as I come to the lane and still end up with 40 cs because I have to constantly back If other enemies ward a lot I can't even roam So what the fucc am I supposed to do can someone tell me? EDIT: I would appreciate if you even linked the guide that helped you not suck at Katarina Thanks
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