This game is so frustrating

Think I'm done with this game until something changes, its suddenly hit me that this game is not fun after being a consistent plat player every game seems to follow some sort of pattern -bot feed and since it's 2 people bot lane they snowball too hard (dragon control) -somebody goes afk -you lose your lane and you're behind and by pure luck you can stall the game out long enough to come back and actually play the game (which is difficult due to how strong the dragons are) - you go even or win and they surrender before they can put up a fight I rarely play a game and think 'wow that was brilliant and i don't mind that I lost/won because I had a blast playing it' anymore, most champs you guys have released are so toxic and boring to play against, they have 800 abilities to escape or end you in less than a second or are just unkillable, there's no real in between. -Being stunned by zoe and blown up for some crazy damage -ekko and his weird damage/movement speed, nope button -cassiopeia and her damage/healing -akali dashing from your tower to hers and back -malphite and his build full tank and do crazy damage for something so tanky just to name a few ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- wasting 10 minutes in lobby to play a 20 minute game of the most one sided game I've ever played, rarely do you actually have fun, it's mostly trying to mitigate what your other 'teammates' have done and come back from that, unless you get really fed it's very difficult to actually come back from a fed bot with 3 other people cc'ing or killing you making it difficult to actually go even, or waiting to lose because somebody went afk and don't gvie me the 'you can still win' yes you can but it's very unlikely., then there's times when you're the one messing up and it's just more unfun. Then there's the game where you stomp face and they surrender and you're left feeling unfufilled, like you just spent 30 minutes preparing for a game just for there to be very little resistance and they surrender.
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