I don't understand why I'm on such a massive lose streak

I've been playing the exact same I always have, i've been roaming as a mid laner and as a top laner all the time, it's a lot of the time it's been good, and I will always do this all the time, even keeping up with CS with my laner. I've been helping my teammates out so much all the time but this past week bot lane has been a complete mess for me, 4 minutes into the game and vayne already has 4 kills. I seriosuly do not understand, I don't care about kda, around 2 games i've had really bad kda the rest good. I'm legit proactive af, I rotate, no one in my team knows what that even means or what to do, I always focus objectives over anything, I always save my tp for flanks, but this week no matter how much i've put my heart into a game, no matter how hard i've tried to help someone. They end up feeding. I got an S+ in a match i was demoted to s3 in. I do not understand, I hardly ever lose lane, and when I do it's on perpose so I can assist my team with what they want. Most of the time it's because I'll have an S4 player against an g3 adc (it's so ovbs who will snowball that match up) and me as S2 was put all the time against s6 plat 5's it was still no problem for me, but they out rotated my team af, even if we were the same in kills they have more turrents always it's upsetting me and making me play worse, any advice?
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