TFT: Come on now Rito, jokes over.

I know that no one from rito reads these boards, especially if you are not in NA but I thought it was worth a try. The state of ranked TFT right now is abysmal. Currently I'm hovering in plat and every game is the same. Half of the players are gunslingers and the other half are demons. You may get the odd guy who is going sorc/wild/dragon/yordle but they are few and far between. The game right now is a literal race to see who can get their gunslingers or demons first. The chances of getting any of these units 3 star and a lot of the time even 2 star is non existent. I have seen 1 3 star unit in my last couple games and that was an early game Vayne (who still did no damage). Once all the gunslingers are divided up it's then literally just a race to see who can get a Cursed Blade first, then a hush or disarm but whoever gets the Cursed Blade first is usually the winner. It's an actual luck lottery and the game decides who will get the gunslingers first. 'Hey, I'll try something different this time. Maybe I'll start early wild or knights and transition into noble since no one else will be' Nevermind. Dead at 6 and long before you find a kayle or leona. Fun fact, this started to work for me one game, I was top 4 and had 5 nobles and 75 gold. I'd already levelled up, no one else was going nobles. Perfect. Rolled the entire 75 gold to look for the kayle, even bought the same tier unit as her just to see if the shop would 'restock' and add the Kayle, and I'd sell the tier units and keep rerolling at the end. Not a single Kayle. Not. One. 'Perhaps I'll go glacial/tank mix and just freeze them out' Nevermind. All my units are now 0 star and get 1 shot. Guys, come on now. I think the joke is well and truly over. It might have been funny for a while but you can't seriously be telling me this is not on your radar. Can you get to work please. Thanks.
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