Vayne nerfs aren't addressing her acutal problems..

Captured with Lightshot
EDIT : Stealth duration reverted to 1, Q scaling properly nerfed. Thank you Riot. The whole thing with Vayne is that she could one shot people with crits after mid game. This is the problem that people wanted to be fixed You nerfed her early game which is already bad and kept her rank 5 Q the same as live (70% scaling) which means no powers will be cut from her late game. Why the hell would you make her invisibility duration shorter? People should be more concerned about surviving 2k crits instead of trying to catch up to an invisible target. It won't even matter so much because Vayne won't even need a second when you think about it, just 0.25 seconds of safety for a 2k crit. Those nerfs are stupid, rushed and pointless. Playing Vayne will be a bit more annoying for the Vayne player while the enemy still has to endure a 2k crit to the face every two seconds. How about you lower the AD on her ult? Or actually nerf the scaling on her Q properly? I should remind you that post nerfs this will still happen : Who cares about her invisibility when she already blows up anyone who tries to catch her before he can close the distance on her the first place?
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