My experiences with Ornn so far...IN SONG!

{{champion:117}} _This champion is really, really great!_ {{champion:86}} Ban Ornn! {{champion:117}} _Crafting himself, so his recalls can waaait!_ {{champion:86}} Ban Ornn! {{champion:117}} _Right from your own lane top,..._ {{champion:86}} Ban Ornn! {{champion:117}} can open the shop!_ {{champion:86}} Ban Ornn! {{champion:117}} _And while you do, sure their jungler will stoooop!_ {{champion:86}} BAN ORNN! {{champion:117}} Grekki! {{champion:86}} _YOU WANNA WIN, YOU BAN ORNN!_ _YOU WANNA WIN, YOU BAN ORNN!_ _WHICH DUDE DO THE JUNGLERS SCORN?_ _ITS ORNN, ORNN, ORNN!_ ----- {{champion:117}} Gree—kie! {{champion:86}} Oh, hello Kate monster! {{champion:117}} You are ruining my song! {{champion:86}} Oh, me sorry, me no mean to! {{champion:117}} Well if you wouldn't mind being quiet for a minute so i can finish? {{champion:86}} Oki Doki! {{champion:117}} Good ----- {{champion:117}} _I'm glad we have this newest champion!_ {{champion:86}} Ban Ornn! {{champion:117}} _His ult comes when he blows into his horn!_ {{champion:86}} Ban Or- - oops, sorry! {{champion:117}} _I play all day and night,_ {{champion:86}} Ban... {{champion:117}} _Learning to get it right,..._ {{champion:86}} ... {{champion:117}} _...even with toxics raging at my siiiide!_ {{champion:86}} BAN ORNN! {{champion:117}} Grekki! {{champion:86}} _YOU WANNA WIN, YOU BAN ORNN!_ {{champion:117}} Nooo! {{champion:86}} _YOU WANNA WIN, YOU BAN ORNN!_ {{champion:117}} Grekki... {{champion:86}} _WHOS MAP-AWARE LIKE AN UNBORN?_ _ITS ORNN, ORNN, ORNN!_ ----- {{champion:117}} That's not true, you're a liar! Ornn's not THAT bad! {{champion:86}} Aww, come on Kate. {{champion:117}} No, really, you're a liar! Normal players don't feed that much with Ornn! {{champion:86}} Ohhhh? {{champion:117}} What?! {{champion:86}} You have no idea!! **READY NORMAL PLAYERS?** {{champion:32}} Ready! {{champion:105}} Ready! {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} Ready! {{champion:86}} **LET ME HEAR IT!** ----- {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**YOU WANNA WIN, YOU BAN ORNN!**_ {{champion:75}} Sorry Kat! {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**YOU WANNA WIN, YOU BAN ORNN!**_ {{champion:75}} I feed like mad! {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**WHOS GONE FROM LIFE BY MINUTE FIVE?**_ {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**ITS ORNN, ORNN, ORNN!**_ {{champion:117}} That's not true! {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**OOOORNN, OOOORNN, OOO...**_ ----- {{champion:117}} HOLD ON A SECOND! {{champion:117}} Now i know for a fact that you, Rob, prevented a gank midlane with your pillar! {{champion:32}} That’s correct. {{champion:117}} And Brian, you used your unstoppable to escape from harms way. {{champion:105}} Sure! {{champion:117}} And Gary, you keep warding the river AND the tribush. {{champion:75}} Yes I do! {{champion:117}} And bravely ulted their Jungler when he was about to kill me midlane! {{champion:82}} True! {{champion:86}} Oh, but Kate- What you think he do . . .after? Hmm? {{champion:82}} looool. .yeah ;-) {{champion:117}} EEEWWWWWW! ----- {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**YOU WANNA WIN, YOU BAN ORNN!**_ {{champion:117}} Sh\*t champion! {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**YOU WANNA WIN, YOU BAN ORNN!**_ {{champion:117}} I hate the toplane! {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**GET A ROUT TO VOTE THIS GUY OUT**_ {{champion:117}} I hate you feeders! {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**ITS ORNN ORNN ORNN!**_ _**OOOORNN! Ornn! Ornn! Ornn!**_ {{champion:117}} I'm leaving this game! {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**OOOORNN! Ornn! Ornn! Ornn!**_ {{champion:117}} I hate all of you! {{champion:86}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} _**YOU WANNA WIN A GAME**_ _**WANNA WIN A GAME**_ _**WANNA WIN...**_ #...YOU BAN ORNN!
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