How many more days do we have to suffer? We're losing it Riot?

Yet another bug. Disconnected in middle of champ select. I can't login into the account. Seems pretty bad. Well, it didn't came as a surprise server has been struggling for a while now. I wonder what's the problem, Meh Riot don't wanna be open about it. Sucks for us eh. Man Ican't remember the last time I was excited when I logged in. A. Client just feels so bad these days seriously its not attractive at all. B. Pro-Play sucks (All OP champs there, don't feel like watching it). C. Can't watch streamers(All of them have the same content, Trash talking RIOT). D. What's worse is Riot just refuses to talk to us or even listen to us. All they care about is there game(Best online multiplayer game of all time). E. Players. Meh. They are not so bad. I don't know why we have a ban system when people know that player just don't enjoy the game anymore. With all honesty I don't think Riot gives a damn about fixing the game or making balanced. Maybe they do but surely not their priority. One suggestion to Riot just listen to the players. It's true that you made the game but it doesn't belong to you. You said it yourself it's our (players) game. :)
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