Why isnt rift 3v3?

I mean when you actually look at it very few want to play sup anyway, jungle is punishing to the team with the worst one causing a coin flip (2v1 or more dives you cant survive) Why isnt the game str, int & dex (top str), (mid int), (bot dex) When playing this game i always find the team that doesnt react to the enemy teams movements often causes a loss even if you know what needs to be done and they wont get into position. (4v2 bot tower dives + drag follow up) because mid wont follow and the jungler is afk farming or top doesnt want to give up his incoming wave to TP or hes burned it just to get back to lane quicker when the wave is pushing toward enemy. See in a 3v3 set up 1 person in each lane, they could use the jungle camps to supplement their laning and tactically weave the camps in as necessary so their would be a greater emphasis on wave clearing efficiency quickly kill the local camp and return for the next wave.
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