Why promos suck big time?

Captured with Lightshot
I play Support and currently {{champion:518}} support is my favorite; had a 8 game winstreak , enters promo and there comes the **X** players. Autofilled into the role they play or on losing streak, they don't even bother to farm properly; before someone comes up with shitty response that it is a myth or it is matchmaking targeting only me, first go through the games. It is not like other games didn't have feeders, but like 80+% of time they were not on losing streak and I don't understand why matchmaking would think that a support player can hard carry such hard inters. Idk if it is a sign for going for boosting services; as this isn't first time, third time happening so and it is becoming more and more clear that the aim of matchmaking and promos is only to force players to play more than the required games. With such crappy matchmaking, I wonder how long will it take for me to reach gold! Another 100 games is the least possible limit I guess. Have you experienced anything like this in your promos?
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