Common question, how do I find a main role?

Okay, boys and girls, I have a bit of a situation, though the title is slightly misleading, because I already have a main role. However, after talking to a lot of my friends, they think, while I'm really good at my main role, I simply find another for climbing. I'm a support main that recently transferred from NA, was Gold V and am now hardstuck Silver III because I can't decide on a new role I want to play. I've been switching roles to see what I like and just can't come to any sort of conclusion. I absolutely adore support, it's my favourite role and I've been playing it ever since I started league, but now that I have to switch roles, I just feel like it's sapping all the fun out of the game. I'm a very competitive player and I understand, and realize, that learning a second role is a pretty good idea because support won't get me everywhere, especially in the lower ELOs. I've tried **midlane** and it just seems too... Not sure what word to use, like... perhaps too squishy, I guess. I like the whole idea of being able to go in and instakill but most of the time it's usually the opposite, it's not a very forgiving role, one missed Q and you're dead, one misstep and you're instantly cucked by a million autos and the deathly stare of a Jhin no scoping you. **Top** is probably the role I find hardest to play; No matter how much I play it, who I play, the type of champion I play, I can never win. I'm either always outdamaged, outpushed or just outplayed. I'll play malphite tank and be hit for a decent chunk of my health by most champions autos, for example, but when I see AP Malphite played against me, I can't even touch him, I do no damage. **Jungle** is a very mixed role for me, because you can play most champions there but it's not about who you play. Jungle just seems so much harder than most make it out to seem, you have to constantly be aware of where their jungler is, you have to know where's warded, who has no sums, when to gank, how to gank, you have to have very good map awareness and you probably have to spend a lot of time practicing clears so that you can maximise particular champions. And **ADC**... Oh, boy. This role. I'm not even sure I have to mention everything here. The amount of micromanaging, map awareness and mechanical skill you need to play a role like this is just beyond human. Well, it's not, evidently, but y'know. Now, I get that none of you can be like _'Well, you'll like Zed mid, for an example, because he has an escape, easy poke and no mana, so once you have his combos down, you can pretty much become a challenger._' but if anyone has any suggestions from what I listed that would work against what I said. Maybe none of you will. I'm just super frustrated that I can't find a second role that I can stick with like I can with support. Or even one champion for another role that I can one trick. It's got me in a bit of a tilted mood. ~Thanks
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