So the Riven buffs has nothing to do with her new skin + prestige

appearently Riven is a weak champ and is in need for some buffs. She appearently doesnt have enough damage in her kit and her cooldowns are too high. So Riot games wants to buff up her damage or lower cooldowns for some reason. But this is just because Riven is too weak??? Her buffs has nothing to do with her new upcoming skin + prestige skin. Why do some champions has to be overpowerd why cant they stay balenced. Community Wants Riven nerfed Riot games uhhh we want to sell skins so lets make the game unbalenced so we can make more money. Looks like Riven players wont be able to show theire new skins with Perma ban Riven. What will be next Yasuo buffs with new prestige skin??? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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