Broken, underpowered champions

I hate the strength gap between some champions. Many won't agree with the list so don't bombard me with "Weeh weeh that is not true" because NO ONE can tell what the truth is because we all look at things from difrent perspectives (sry for my "perfect" english lulz) Champions that need nerfing, and I mean realy nerfing:{{champion:10}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:31}} Champions that need reworks ASAP:{{champion:20}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:26}} And champions that need some buffs, maybe just a little bit of buffs or quite some buffs:{{champion:40}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:28}} Champions that are too annoying to be in the game and need to be deleted ASAP (kappa):{{champion:17}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:107}} That's just **MY** oppenion (don't you dare fake it) so don't go and say that I am a tard for thinking that, because you have your own oppenion and I have mine.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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