Decision making as a Jungler - When you should/shouldn't gank

"My Jungler didn’t gank and your Jungler is camping me." Every Jungler and Laner know this problem and it’s not always the fault of the Jungler if he doesn’t gank. But sometimes we don’t understand why our Jungler didn’t gank us. This guide will explain the **general Mindset of a Jungler** and when he **should** or **shouldn't** gank. I. Situations where your Jungler should gank II. Situations where your Jungler shouldn´t gank III. Three ways to gank 1.**Your Jungler should gank if he knows that your lane isn´t warded.** - Your enemy Laner can't see your Jungler if he starts a gank. 2.**Your Jungler should gank if your enemy is overextended.** - If your enemy is overextended then he will have a long way back to his turret. This is the chance to deal much dmg against him and probably you are able to take him down. 3.**Your Jungler will probably gank if the enemy flash is down.** - The enemy laner will not have much free escapes. So if you have a bit of CC and/or dmg then you and your jungler should be able to take him down. 4.**Your Jungler should gank if you and your jungler has a lot of kill potential.** - This means that you and your jungler should have a lot of CC or high dmg output, then you will be able to get your enemy down before he can went back to his turret. 5.**Your Jungler will gank if your enemy laner doesnt have much mobility.** - If your enemy laner doesnt have much mobility then he cant escape out of the gank if you have a bit CC. 6.**Your Jungler should gank early if he is playing an early Jungler like Lee Sin.** - Jungler like Lee Sin do have much early pressure if they gank and high kill potential so they should gank early to show his presence around the map and help every lane to get ahead. Early Game Jungler: {{champion:64}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:35}} 7.**Your Jungler will probably gank you if you are his DuoQ partner.** - This ganks should have more coordination because your jungler know your playstyle or/and you are talking with them at a voice chat. 8.**Your Jungler will gank your Lane if you are nice to him.** - It happens that a Jungler will do a bad gank but this is not a reason to flame him so just stay positiv/friendly and wait for his next gank. (Nobody wants to gank a flamer) 1.**Your Jungler will not gank if you doen't have much CC.** - If you dont get much CC then its easier for your enemy laner to get back to his turret. So he will probably wait till he can help you out with a counter gank. 2.**Your Jungler will not gank if your enemy is pushed till his tower.** - It will be to risky to dive because the enemy jungler can counter gank you easily and then you would just die against him under the turret. 3.**Your Jungler will not gank if he is behind.** - Sometimes it will happens that your Jungler died early. At this point he should focus at trying to get back into the game. It would be just bad for you as the laner and your jungle if he gets behind. 4.** Your Jungler will not gank if you are already 3/0.** - You did kill the enemy laner 1vs1 or maybe 1vs2 if the jungler was there At this point you will be able to fight the laner easily and your jungler can help other lanes to get ahead like you ( just tell your Jungler that you are 3/0 and that he should help other lane instead of ganking your lane). 5.**Your Jungler will not gank you if your enemy is tanky.** - If the enemy is tanky then its just hard to gank him because he will probably be able to went back to his turret alive and you will get nothing from this gank. 6.**Your Jungler will not gank you if he is a farm jungler like Master Yi.** - This farm Jungler are weak till they managed to get some farm. So just hold your lane till your Jungler is lv 6 and able to gank/kill your enemy laner. Farm Jungler:{{champion:11}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:266}} 7.**Your Jungler will not gank you if your enemy laner is 4/0.** - Its possible at the late game but at the early/mid game its to risky and sometimes impossible to gank your lane if your enemy laner is 4/0. You will probably be like 0/3 at this time so you are not tanky and you will not be able to deal much dmg to he enemy laner. Just try to farm and help your team if they need you for Teamfights or objectives. - You should also communicate with your team because maybe its possible that they will gank you together to get your enemy laner down. 1.**“Normal gank”** - No wards, Fiora’s flash was down ,long way back to Fiora’s Tower a. b. 2.** There are two possibilities ** - Don’t gank because you would need to dive (Malphite would probably die with his current health/mana) - Farm your Jungle and help other Lanes or wait till the enemy Jungler will start a gank Toplane. 3.** “Counter gank/dive”** - Malphite would try to fight Fiora till Fiora starts an engage against Malphite. Now the Jungler just need to help Malphite with a gank out of this bush. Useful Links: [ 16 Tips when Ganking as a Jungler from Pants ar Dragon]( Pants are Dragon is a Challenger Main Jungler from NA and he do a lot of Videos about Jungling. [Nightblue's Stream]( He explains many things about his decision making as a Jungler if he is streaming. - Challenger Main Jungler

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