I win my lane,but then I get lost and don't know what to do

I usualy do my laner job and am able to 1v1 my opponent laner. But after laning phase ends,or after I get first tower down,I am as good as afk. Because I don't know how to win the game. I don't know how objectives work and I really don't know how to help teammates. I am G1-G2 rn,and I request some tips and maybe a little explaining of what I am supposed to do to win the game. (too lazy to create another thread,what do you do when you are at your jungler's mercy? For example,I am playing a melee kind of vulnerable top laner and I lane against Pantheon/Renekton. I get zoned out of farm and even die under my own tower but jungler doesen't want to gank. what the hell do I do then??)
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