Unbench the Kench

Hey ! I am a Tahm Kench main on the EUW Server. Last Patch i felt the nerfs were pretty hard on him already, he was gutted bot. You never get the 3 needed aa's off as a support, so you must play defensiv. My support laning phase is really fun, i get poked all the time (thank god e changes), i could poke with my q, only if my adc would also focus the person i slow, if i only q it s just 70 dmg every 8 sec early... wow amazing after running out of mana i might have a chance at getting one of them under 50% health. I liked his E changes though, his shield got nerfed pretty badly but you have a lot of sustain in lane ! To be honest i rarely use the shield now. So i ended up playing him Toplane last patch, and i had a blast again. He didn't feel as obnoxious to play as, i especially like the q stack proc changes. Even though they are a huge nerf, it was just cancer to play against and i can understand the changes (As compensation the q slow last longer which was completely fair). Now on Patch 9.16 he loses 10 mvsp... this is huge, you really needed that mvsp to stick on someone and to get the 3 aa's off for the passiv. On top of that he loses 1 second shield duration. I just don t know how he is viable now. I hope we can find a solution for this Champion, i love his kit, i have been playing him since he came out, but lately he is just getting gutted.... Q - Good range, slow too strong (maybe fix that instead of his own msvp !), dmg nonexistant at this point lol (no more scaling with his passiv) W- The own slow is still huge, tbh i max this spell last now, mostly use it to eat an ally or lock down an enemy E- Shield Size Nerf is understandable, regen up was nice ! Shield Duration of 3 seconds is what made him nice to play, especially with shield bash if you could get that aa off. But now a duration of 2 seconds if i proc my e i have to run immediately now ... if i go in for the aa and then run out my shield will be over at that point and i ll be a useless frog .... ( PLEASE make it so his e is castable with other spells, i can't count the number of times i died pressing q, and pressing e after and i have to wait for my q animation to finish to shield myself ! ) R- Useless until lvl 11 I feel he mostly revolves around auto attacking now, he doesn't even have a real ulti until lvl 11 which you might reach as a support after 20min ... I am not asking for much Riot. But please his mvsp nerf is a bit too much especially how his kit works now. As a support or toplaner you ll just get kited (that is why i run ghost over tp top, to catch up)... and in Soloq i can t play passif and wait for my adc to scale... i need some kind of engage as well. I m just a sandbag bot that is getting punched all the time. Sure he is still obnoxious in a 1 vs 1, his regen in lane is super strong, but he won t be able to catch up to anyone now, he is slow ALL THE TIME now. I hope we can find a solution for this Bad Toad ! Cheers, Billy The Cat {{champion:223}}
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