Extremely unfair match-ups, where its impossible to win.

Hello. League have a huge pool of champions, riot struggles to balance them out, yet brings new mechanics and other features with their reworks/releases and then struggle even more, so its hard to follow their mindset and the end picture they have in mind, with this topic i raise a concern on "unwinnable match-ups". People, do you think a game should have match-ups where for A champion vs X champion It is impossible to win, no matter how good one is and how bad or how many mistakes another makes (In proportions, that both players are somewhat in the same level of play). Because as of now there are quite a few examples, which for me personally looks frustrating, when someone can win, just because of the type and scaling of a match-up, even if he gets outplayed. Maybe it is good to keep a little of those match-ups, which i would not call a "hard counters" more like total shut-downs, for evolution of the gameplay and meta? Example an unwinnable lane, people do swaps or switch strategies, etc. Maybe it evolves and influences a meta with time, but riot still holds a strong grip on meta and fluctuates it entirely with their changes on purpose, having a higher goal in mind, so this feature "shut-downs" bring is nearly meaningless? On the second hand, it does feel really cheap, that by only a pick you can influence a game really hard and auto-win lane or make a huge pressure on the enemy team by only picking X into Y. So community, what are your thoughts on this?
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