How to beat SCHWEINE?

Hi guys, I would like to seee some tips and tricks how to beat {{champion:50}}. I read some "tips" how to bully him pre six then run away, but I am wondering about the rest of the game. Right now - if Schweine gets his core items and stops having mana issues, it always takes at least 3 ppl to kill him and he takes at least 1 of them with him. Unless we encounter brianless Schweine who never sticks to his team, so we can kill them 5v3 or 5v4, we can't win. If he has a brain and sticks with his team, we just can't stop him. So. I know about {{summoner:14}} and {{item:3165}}. I know about picking mobile champions to counter him. Also read about outrotating him since he is slow as fck (_which makes sense since he limps_). But what about mid and late game? What if he gets that Roa, Athene and some other stuff. How do you beat Schweine in general? Seems to me that you can only delay his power and need to win the game before minute 25. Or maybe use some poke comp that he can't touch? Like {{champion:115}} and {{champion:76}}? I usually play tank support but even I get melted by this dude and he seems like to Neverdie. Tips tricks and strategies would be appreciated. :)
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