Counterplay to teemo?

I main gangplank and I can't do anything against teemo, Especially when I walk over a shroom and take half my hp in damage, If I try poke him he just basic blinds me, So I take more damage, If I do poke him down enough he just runs with his sprint ability, And whenever theres a teemo top my jungler never ganks, He doesn't even try to gank, And I usually end up getting baby sat by the enemy jungle, Also trying to farm under tower he can poke you under tower without taking any towerdamage, Any tips to play against him? I usually just sit under tower and farm but he just pokes me down under tower and I feel like I can't do anything against him, And whenever my jungler does can usually its a 1for 1 or he kills us both becasue he just runs through his minefield that does half our hp in 1 shroom, He seems stupid idk how to do anything about him but perm ban him.
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