''Yasuo Rework''

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So he talked about yasuo rework..and i have question,why did you make that beast champ if you are going to nerf him 5 more times..this ''rework'' should just remove his passive,because he is op just bcs of that..You will go on my profile and see that i'm lvl 7 yasuo but i just play him him when im bored as fu**..i dont play him that often anymore bcs u get bored in some time,only thing i'm mad about is that is ban rate,players should learn how to counter him,he is really really played on normal games and I learned how to counter him,im s5 and i learned that,every rank should know how to counter that beast but i just don't know..many people will be ''sad'' about rework and he will no longer be that played..look at skarner,aatrox,zilean,xerath or volibear,they are not played that much in lower elo,do something about that,i don't know about higher bcs i can't go out of silver and i wont play ranked and waste my team on game just to go in gold,i play league for fun ofc..i just don't know,im mad idk why haha,i just wna say him,rework him hard,dont nerf him 5 more times ffs..i dont know what im saying right now haha,but yeah,thank you for reading this..peace.{{champion:157}}
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