Daily reminder that supp is still the least popular role in the game! ..forever and ever..

Right. Today, it was a special day. I usually play ranked queueing as supp/jungler, and... unbelievably, the matchmaker decided that i have had enough games as Janna/Zyra/full ap Sona/Nami/Soraka (ashe supp) etc. things to sadden enemy lives. With NOPE to their damage.. before or after they deal it. Yk. And today was the day, i got to play as a _jungler_.   Ivern jungler, so i kept my traits of ^. Smiting red buffs, knock-ups for the Yasuo main on the team, dashes for the Vayne to right click.. bushing under own tower so yeah 5 hp live xdd.. and shields btw. Stuff unusual in low gold. Well save for the Defeat screen. Here's what i mean: out of these, only 16 games were played as an off role, namely adc.   http://i.imgur.com/E6xqrbX.png[/img]   Sooo, yes. I can't tell the things are much different (rather, at all) in the premade queue. I sometimes wonder what are the reasons for that. (no not really) idk. Could it be... - That, the teammates never mind them when they need a buff, or to farm a wave to finish their current item asap, like redemp? - Because, everyone is free to troll their game and flame in any way they want, and you still should heal/assist them.. otherwise which you would be a troll? - Or... maybe, because they are expected to pick a character the adc prefers? and the game actually enforces it? Especially if you are a later pick in champion select... - Another guess - because you can't really say "looool that kill streak, well played!", and if you get one, the team is mostly "STOP KS !!! Rep tyvm"? Like, neither Faker, nor Sneaky, Doublelift, Tyler & qt (TY), etc are in that role.. :thinking: (and don't lie yourself with Lily!) - The LCS broadcasters? - Rep supp roaming and where is **my supp**!!! Remember, if you are not helping **me** (Draven), you are losing **my** game! Understand it at last, this is **not** a team game, but stay here, *with me at this lane you read that?!!?!!!* ... - And...   Well. Share your thoughts! :)
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