How to fix malzahar

From what i see in his current meta when going full cdr with boots and morelmnmmmnicon and runes which is ideal for going lowest cdr ult, u face a issue where in a 1v1 that this malza doesn't have ult he Es and Qs to reset it and presses w to spawn voislings from what he stacked the issue is that the duration of his e is mirr than the cdr of his q so he only needs to press E once in that 1v1 but you may ask me where is the issue in this, its that u can't stack voidlings with one ability and spammin e doesnt deal any extra damage since it's already on him, u either cant stack voidlings or the e becomes a useless ability, u might say that's a nerf to an already op champ, i don't think so, but i have a solution just remove his ult damage and just keep the percentage and nerf his q dmg its already a silence and give his e initial damage so that reseting his e with q or ult would proc that dmg and in my 1v1 example spamming e would be useful in fights, but with one tweek that u cant proc initial dmg on same target except once ever 1 or 2 sec so he couldnt one shot and remains a mage with the same game kit, so he can deal his dmg in a way that is avoidable and counterplayable, as a malza main i would totally agree for such a rework instead of reducing his ratios
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