Ideas to balance Zoe

I think we can all agree that we are happy with what happened to Zoe (excluding Zoe mains as they aren't human in the first place). But since Zoe is trash tier right now, I thought about how Riot could rebalance her to make her viable, but not unfun to play against. So, I think Zoe is supposed to be a playmaking champion, as she is a "trickster". This means she should have many ways to bamboozle the enemy. The old kit didn't really bamboozle anyone, rather she just nuked everyone who couldn't predict a small unseen skillshot from the fog of war. Zoe wasn't about outplaying, bamboozling people, she was about oneshotting with the most basic combo in the game. Zoe was one dimensional. I think she could use some more combos and more playmaking. One thing that I found cool about Zoe was her R, as it really emphesizes this trickster/bamboozle type of playstyle. So I just thought why not build on that? What if Zoe could pick up her trap part of her E? If she would that, it would remove the trap and nothing elsen would happen. BUT if Zoe would pick it up while in R, she would NOT teleport back to her starting position. This change would add an escape to her kit, but it also completely nullifies her CC. So Zoe has to choose to either use it as an escape/gapcloser or as a CC. This makes her R an even bigger playmaking tool, with drawbacks if Zoe misplays: If she uses it as a gapcloser/escape, she wont have CC. If she uses it as CC she has no gapcloser/escape. There would be a tradeoff which rewards good players but punishes bad ones. Another idea I had is to make the first cast of her Q not be blocked by minions, dealing AoE damage to everything it flies through. Note that the second part of her Q is not changed, meaning the second cast does NOT go through minions. This way, Zoe has waveclear, as she can fire her Q through minions. But if Zoe decides to hit a longrange Q on someone, it can be blocked by minions. Zoe can also use this to hit enemies directly through minions with her Q. But as the range is pretty small, especially if she decides to recast it after it went through the minions, it wont to that much damage. It's a poke tool in lane that doesn't oneshot people anymore. You may have noticed that the ideas I had didn't change any damage, but added tons of utility in her kit. I think there is too much focus on her Q in her old kit, at least damage wise. Giving Zoe utility like I suggested keeps her Q weak, but she has more opportunities to deal with other problems. But Zoe still lacks damage, so I think Zoes W needs a complete rework. It was always nothing more than a stupid gimmik, as oneshotting was her core gameplay. Honestly I don't know how Riot should rework it, but they should definetely make a proper damage ability out of it, that isn't a gimmik and that also doesn't rely on RNG. A complete rework does make sense, as she desperately needs another damage source other than her Q. --- --- --- #tl;dr So to recap here are my changes: Q: First cast goes through minions and damages everything it went through. Second cast is unchanged and can still be blocked by minions. W: Complete rework. No idea how to rework it though, but make it a damage spell that doesn't rely on RNG. E: Trap can be picked up by Zoe herself and thus remove it. R: If Zoe picks up her E during her Ult, she will not go back to her starting position. These changes don't put all power in Q. She has multiple damage sources, Q, W and a little bit from her passive. Her E helps to set things up. Her R is a better playmaking tool, as it now can be used as a gapcloser or escape. Also she has a little bit waveclear aswell.
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