Counter Akali as a burst/utility mage

**Heya, reader!** ^^ I main Lux so I'm most interested on strategies for Lux, but in general, it's for AP Mages (like Lux, Veigar, Orianna, Lulu, Ahri, Ziggs, Xerath). --- Today I've won a game playing as Lux against Akali. I picked Lux despite knowing the enemy mid-laner was an Akali, because I feel very comfortable with her, and a challenge always feels good (picking Lux against Zed is fun for me (in Normals)). But against Akali it just doesn't really feel like a "challenge"... As Lux, I can kill her 3 times before level 6 if she's dumb enough. But even then, level 6 arrives, and she has such ease diving me under turret as if nothing. I make sure to not be in range when my Q is on cooldown (I'm absolutely useless when my Q is down). Me, being 3/1, and Akali 1/3. I can't even go to her in AA range because I know she'll instakill me. Everytime she kills me it's like there's nothing I could've done better. To be honest, I don't get the feeling of "getting outplayed" when she kills me or any of my teammates. When I hit Q she's already mid-dash, thus on my face and while my health bar evaporates, OR now she knows I don't have Q, so she'll proceed to dive me. Exhaust, a very powerful summoner spell. There is one problem. If I use it, she'll just wait it out, and 10 seconds later, dive me again :( One last thing, her W isn't really a problem since 75 gold is the cost of countering it ^^ Unless I have 6 items, then RIP myself. --- **Veigar** has a very powerful stun, and has an easier time than Lux facing Akali, but if Akali gets in range, Veigar's dead. **Orianna** has no chance of surviving this... **Lulu** can make her tilt with her polymorph and ult, but with those abilities down, Akali can dive. **Ahri**'s Charm is useful, but since it now doesn't cancel dashes, it's not that useful anymore. Her 3-dash ult to escape can be followed by 3 dashes from Akali, or just waited out and go back in when it's on cooldown. --- Any Akali mains out there who can tell me what they hate most about Lux (or any other champion) so I can focus on doing that next time I face Akali? ^^ I don't want to ban Akali since I think there are better bans (Ashe, Zed still gets a ban from me, Sona, Braum, etc.). I just want to be better at playing against her. Anyways, have a nice day! :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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