Really questioning Riots decision

No point in picking scaling champions. This won't mean too much for lower divisions but for higher ones the games will last up until this crate release. With games already lasting short, this will result in people picking early junglers, early mid and top so they can fight over this crate and get it. With it they will have an enormous advantage no matter how you look at it. The bilgewater crate one is even more questionable than any of these because you will either get 50-500 gold from it or buff from from a drake. Not only that fight will break out because of this but because you will lets say WIN the fight, you will already have like 300-400 gold depends, but on top of it you can get of these 2 items. You will be able to snowball the crap out of enemy, you can freeze the lane for the rest of your life, you can roam the heck out of them, doesn't matter. Whatever you pick they cannot contest at all due to this early lead. Demacias crate? Hello ? What the %%% XD ? Long sword from it? armor? mr? LOL Yeah, i don't know about others, but i will OTP Draven mid and top with PTA,RESOLVE,IGNITE. Let me see how others can take the crates from me and how they will win after. This is insane
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