Mage mid(need a piece of advice)

So, i just want to ask for a piece of advice of what should i do. Im a pretty casual player, and i have fun playing this game a lot, but i have a problem with my playing style i think. i kinda play just as mage(syndra, neeko, veigar, zoe, ahri, annie etc) and i can carry some games, but i cant do a hypercarry. Like, i saw people who plays adc or jg or top can do a hypercarry,(like all team and i had scores like 3-10-2 ,0-8-1, 3-11-4 etc. And they still carried and won for us) but when it comes to mid, i just see a player that can carry,but never(just if he s a smurf) hypercarry , he s depenining on he s team a lot. Like, i carried a lot of games with Annie, Syndra and Veigar and sometimes even with Zoe, but i cant do that type of hypercarry. And the system of LoL is making me lose games because of this. I cant play at my best if im constantly worried about bot or top and the jungle. If 2 players play really bad, and rest avarage i can carry that, but when all of them are having a bad game, its done. I tried to push lanes, tried to let them kills for gold, to support them, but seems to be impossible. its like lol is ppst me (pre-professional skills test) a lot. But im not that good. Should i change my role or something? I hope no, cus i really like to play what im playing, but seems to be verry uncomfortable in rank games :D
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