Vayne Mains

Sup any Vayne mains out there, Now i no that not all of you are like this but can one of you tell me why low elo vaynes are the worse types of players. I normally see only 2 types of vayne players the ones who try to 1v4 and die then proced to flame and spam open bot and go afk or the ones like the last game i played with a vayne on my other account it went like this. I was supporting her as leona and got her a triple kill on the enemy jung,adc and sup but as there mid laner flashed over a wall my E had hit her so i went with her as she flashed and there midlaner died to the gromp but as i was the last champ to hit it i got the kill the result vayne int fed while spamming "omg noob support tilted me". Other then muting any matches i get with vayne on my main account or second account can some one tell me why vayne players are like this. Many thanks :)
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