How to deal with a Darius top?

So, as Darius is in the Free2Play this week there is a {{champion:122}} in every game, rarely saw him before he was F2P, As i recently started playing Top quite alot , and most of the time i get matched against a Darius. The champions i play Top are : {{champion:122}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:238}} and soon {{champion:157}} . Can anyone give me some general tips on how to deal with him and to give me some tips for each specific champion i mentioned above? Too hard to lane against him, can't CS because, well he's Darius. Always goes with Q on me, if im to close he goes a full combo, E>W>Q before 6 and after he gets 6 i play really defensive. The biggest success against him i have is with {{champion:24}} , A little bit rough at the beggining but after i get a few items it becomes easier. I usually use E, then jump on him, autoattack him once and use W to trigger Thunderlords and the Ultimates passive and im out, I usually keep poking him with the combo above, but it's really hard. Some tips would be appreciated.
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