Discussion: should harder to play champs be stronger?

I don't want to argue with anyone on views so I'll only be reading all the comments :) I want to see what people this about this cause this is a big problem for riot. Let's take properly the easyest champions to relate this to. Talon and zed. Both are ad burst assassins but zed has a lot more counter play and is generally harder to learn. Does this mean zed should be balanced to be stronger to make it easier for people to play him? In this case for pros who have mastered every champion the would be no point for playing talon because zed would be better? Or should zed and talon do the same thing and be the same in balance once both are mastered? This would make zed look rather unappealing to new people ( let's pretend people don't just copy faker for this) and would basically lead to zed dying as a champion because, hey why put all this risk into it? Why pick risky harder to play, more counterplay zed when you can just pick talon? Now at high level play with pros the choice is theirs because they have the same skill to make both work just as good but for everyone else zed would be made reduntand ( don't know the spelling... The word I'm looking for is used when people are fired. They say "I have been made **********") because the would be no benefit to playing zed unless your just one a flat out zed main or 2 just copy pros. Please post your options below and try to keep them with as little rage as possible :p
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