Let's talk turrets!

When the turret plating were first announced, I was excited. They seemed like a good way to reduce snowballing created by 4 manning bot and taking the turret, what also give you free drake and so on. But like a lot of changes to the game, they ended up dissapointing me. The extra gold given by platings actually increases the snowballing, only that 4 manning for it is completly unnecessary. It really is a shame. The idea of slowing down the game paste with the platings and rewarding you for getting through the trouble of destroying them is was a great concept, but I think you can do better than just throwing gold at players. So here is what I thought off one time: Instead of rewarding you with gold on destruction, you should get punished for not taking out the platings. That would be accomplished by giving the turrets buffs for each plating that falls naturally (or consumed, what would make more sense) on the 14th minute mark. An example: 1 plating would just increase the turrets attack speed. 2 platings would add a slow to enemies hit by a turret shot. 3 platings would add execute damage onto champions hit, below a certain amount of health 4 platings would increase the turrets damage to champions (to not ruin farming for allied champions) depending on its remaining health And with all 5 platings it would get slow health regeneration. --> These are just quick examples I came up with using the rune trees as a base for my ideas (Rune trees, 5 platings -> I liked the idea of them being colored in these colors) This would make taking out the platings a more pressing matter, while giving the team that does get a siginicant lead. It would also drasticly reduce the snowball that can occour by one lane screwing up or getting camped, since winning over one pushed lane is not that easy. With all the gold you get rightnow, however, the destruction of the other lanes with the gold you gained from the one loosing lane is not that much of an issue. And with that, lategame champions would also have a way to get into lategame despite one snowballing bruiser on toplane or a fed master yi (to name some examples). But maybe there is a giant flaw in my thinking. If that's the case, I would like to hear others opinions. But remember that the examples above are just quick ideas and that there a sheer endless amount of possible perks you could give through plating-consume.
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