Tips to improve in Jungle.

Hello everyone. I'm a jungler main who managed to go from silver 4 to gold 2 playing 80% of the games as a jungler. Over the course of the climbing I learned quite a few new things but I'd like to recive some new tips from good junglers in order to improve as much as possible. I play mainly Graves, Quinn, J4 and Gragas in the jungle and i would like some tips on the following points if it's possible: - Warding: i never get wards (i know it's lame), so help me figure out where to ward for objective control and counter jungle. - Improve champion pool: some help for new champs to learn that can fit in comps that my current champs can't. - Strategic thinking: i'm currently able to put to work basic strategies but I'd like info on more sofisticated ones. - Champion pick: when to pick each champion, I have an idea but I'd ruther have an opinion from someone better better than me. - What trinket to get and when to get it. Thank you for your help, I really apriciate it. :)
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