gangplank main wannabe here

i love gangplank and i want to improve with him. could you people give me some tips and buildpaths? please help me improve! here's what i usually buy: starting items: {{item:1027}} {{item:2010}} x3 (reasoning: i find the extra mana i get super usefull for spamming my q early on and i get to buy {{item:3057}} on my first back. the cookies are much nicer than corrupting potion in my opinion) items i get: {{item:3078}} ,{{item:3142}} ,{{item:3031}} ,{{item:1306}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3046}} runes i run: ad reds, ad quints, armor yellows, scaling cdr blues to give me 10%cdr and 3mr blues. masteries: ill just point out the most important ones: grasp of the undying, meditation for more mana, bandit for the extra gold from q. tactics: when in lane: i often wait in the middle top bush, wehn minions come i like to tag the enemy with my passive and run away. the minion aggro should be enough to trigger grasp of the undying, thats when i q the enemy to get all hp that i might have lost during that harrasment. stuff i found out while learning gagplank: auto attacking a barrel instead of using q will make the process slightly faster. good for lane harass. allways keep at least one barrel behind you and one barrel in your e. being super mindfull of the enemy's cooldowns, because thats when you need to use your passive on them. things i need to train on: barrel timing: i need to learn how to shoot the barrel so that it hits right when its hp falls down to 1 aiming my ult, making decisions, on weather i should help my team with my ult, or clear a free minion wave with it. timing on eating oranges please help me improve by giving me tips and opinions on my build and masteries. p.s. im wondering how good warlords bloodlust currently is on gangplank and is it better than grasp? thank you all so much for helping!
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