why the tahm kench nerfs?

League of Legends patch 9.9 notes - Prepare for MSI
League of Legends patch 9.9 is now available on the PBE. Changes are pretty small at this point in the cycle, but that's to be expected - the Mid-Season Invitation, one of League of Legends' biggest international tournaments, takes place next month, so Riot's probably not keen to change the game too much.
Why are Riot pushing for what they call "changes" but are quite clearly nerfs for tahm kench? A champion who is not pick/ban in pro play or a threatening presence in solo queue either sittig at an abysmal winrate. Now tahm kench is my main and i won't hide my supposed bias in writing this, but he has his weak points, if you eat an ally, which i will remind is what a lot of his kit is based around, the enemy team focuses you. Now by your W slowing yourself you exaggerate that weakness making him even weaker, again a reminder that he is not threatening at all with a low winrate so why do this? now the changes to his E and Q are interesting and just those in of itself i wouldn't have a problem with. The argument could be made that this is all to make him a top laner more than a support, which former nerfs and buffs could indicate. But why GUT his W damage then? once again, if he was overpowered nerfing his w damage would make sense, but he is not. And even if he was overpowered, he has clear weaknesess, such as being focused as support (mentioned earlier) and being kited which applies to all forms of tahm kench. interested in opinions on this
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