Buffs & Nerfs & Changes RIOT follow those steps and your game will fix 100%

Buffs & Nerfs (on the same Champion) {{champion:103}}=For some reason, her Q does lot more damage than a normal abillity <----decrease AP Ration | her W nerfed in the past but this is such a bad nerf <----increase true damage {{champion:106}}= Ugh, too much damage for a tank... I think a nerf on his W,Q will be fine | Also a buff on his R will make him good because most tanks when enable their R they became good (like Singed,Nasus,Trundle,Renekton etc) not in their whole kit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buffs {{champion:42}}= Riot ruinned him unfortunately. Make Q harder to dodge (not imposible just harder) and increase both True Damage and AP Ration on his W {{champion:136}}= R 150 damage???? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} add 50 more damage at least and increase the comit dmaage (when W is not active) {{champion:427}}= He is useless after tons of nerfs/bad changes he has no advantage on his kit... Increase both E absorb and damage when explodes and increase Q True Damage {{champion:429}}= In her passive says that she does only 90% of damage she shall do..remove this..wtf ??? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nerfs {{champion:99}}= Lets take a look on her kit Q=Double Stun W=Double Shield E=Undodgable R=can one-shot you when she get 400 AP .... {{champion:21}}= I Wont say what change she needs i will say my experience. I was Ezreal ADC, it was 25-30mins game if i remember corectly. We started a fight right there http://prntscr.com/fs98h8. We were 15-20 kills ahead (a big difference) and MF ulted from there http://prntscr.com/fs9a3n and she took Quadra kill and soemone stole her pentakill but after that teamfight they pushed and we lost.. Imagine that if MF didnt ult we could win teamfight...and maybe i wont lsoe my promo to B1 (now im b4 ugh..) {{champion:84}}= This girl can one shot you even 5/10 .. {{champion:5}}= Remove his critical hit since he has already the fastest DPS in the game right now.. {{champion:19}}=If you pla in EUNE server u know that this guy is more overrated than Justin bieber, remove the power to follow you by pressing Q and lower his basic armro and amgic resist by 4 {{champion:201}}= Why this guy can kill enemy ADC/MID Laner 1v1???????? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Critical=Im ADC main and that cahnge is a nerf for em but i dont mind since i think is logical. Decrease the max critical chance u can have from 100% to 90% since we have a limit on Cooldown Reduction as well... {{champion:17}} & {{champion:127}} & {{champion:6}} & {{champion:56}} =They need a graphical change {{champion:268}}=PLS DONT REWORK HIM HE IS FINE ONLY ONE CHANGE HE NEEDS AND THAT CHANGE IS "R moves his soldier" THATS ALL!!!! (Im {{champion:268}} main) {{champion:115}}= Increase mana cost in everysingle abillity (Q,W,E,R) since he can spam until the end of the world.. {{champion:30}}= Increase his Basic Mana and Mana Regeneration... I can use his E for more than 3second ......mana drain..... P.S= Im both ADC Main and Azir main
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