Explain this to me please

In the last few games I noticed something very disturbing: Someone who played {{champion:157}} ended with 11/9/7 13,6k 99CS He received an S grade I, {{champion:24}}, ended in another game with 12/1/4 11,3k 70CS I received an A- grade !! There was a posting not long ago about how the grades are calculated, but was not very clear to me (something with positioning, and general results of "your" champion in EU West, in my case) That would mean that in order to get an S, I would need a score of >20/1/4 or something in that magnitude ??? [http://bdmi.nl/lol/results.html](http://bdmi.nl/lol/results.html) In the 2nd screenshot you also notice how Jinx received an S- with 10/2/7 11,7k 107CS !! Please tell me what results I do have to get to earn an S !
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