Let's talk about the supp role for a bit

"Supp is not a carry role" , "C'mon you can't carry as supp" , "If you have a bad adc , what will you do?" http://imgur.com/a/a3C3a I started to think about this. Why when I play {{champion:40}} I win more but if I play supps like {{champion:12}} ,{{champion:412}} I lose more? Why people doesn't enjoy playing this role in the first place? I searched on /r/Janna and I found this video (the video will direct you at the right time when they are speaking about supp) https://youtu.be/1NiWVKhzpQk?t=1h25m55s tl;dr : Some supps are too hard to play that they influence the games in a bad way. You would rather play an easy champ like {{champion:40}} that gives more utility than {{champion:412}} , {{champion:25}} . They are right doe. Every supp main I got matched / met they were like {{champion:412}} mains with over 300k mastery points but 2/3 of them had a negative win rate . But , again, why support is the most hated role in the first place? Is it because people tend to play pros picks suggested by Bunnyfufu , Madlife , Aprohomo etc.? Is it because support role doesn't feel nice when you play it? I'm confused rly. Having this win rate on supp just amazed me. I enjoy playing support even thought I main jungle. Can you clear my mind please? Edit: If the video doesn't work open it on youtube.
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