What if Kayle and Varus swapped Passives?

[](https://i.imgur.com/LVXnn8C.png) >###_Introduction_ After recently playing {{champion:10}} Kayle and a ton of {{champion:110}} Varus for a long time it recently occured to me. Both of their Passives would make more sense if they were swapped, and here's why... >###_Reasons of such an idea_ {{champion:10}} Kayle being a Judicator and all, is all about judging and punishing the guilty. So when she kills someone she deems as guilty she gains bonus Attack Speed. And we know that {{champion:110}} Varus' Darkin Bow has all sorts of Corrupting Magic flowing through it, that we still don't know full potential of in terms of power or how it works, making it more sense if he had Kayle's Passive which made the enemies he attacked weaker or exposed. >###_Visuals of the Passives_ Here's both of their Passives next to each other and tell me if you agree if them having their Passives swapped would make more sense... https://i.imgur.com/dds3ZaK.png https://i.imgur.com/pnllwAO.png
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