Riot we want s4 back!!

Im in this community for 4 years now and im seriously angry and disappointed with Riot and current game conditions. FIRST almost everything since juggernouts patch damages the balances of the game. Champs require less skills are stronger than champs like zed or katarina and kassadin etc. I mean look at garen. In old times, garen is known as his full tanky builds now he kills everyone with same kind of builds. Or mordekaiser. Hes stupidly strong. ALSO the last adc update and graves... I dont even wanna talk about how stupid to make graves playable everywhere and other adcs. SECONDLY those last dynamic que business... Seriously riot, you MUST bring soloq back. Theres not a reason to ignore the requests of the majority. I believe there are others who think the same way. And i m aware that there are a lot of problem that i forgot to write here. its clear that you will never solve these. And i also want you to reliase that s4 was purely perfect. Please, bring it back. Or you gonna fall at your golden age
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