Lulu full support, no AP needed.. what build?

Hello, {{champion:117}} Im a main support, im having a tough time running the right build for Lulu. - Q = Add 1 point on level 1; Max third - W = Add 1 point on level 2; Max second - E = Add 1 point on level 3; Max out first - R = Always add when possible My thougt is; - E; is adding a shield, due the fact that Lulu should be there for their ADC and can be a value during early trading in giving defense and the W; as a Attack Speed increasement i think most valueble for Lulu support is E for their ADC. - W; is great but the value hits harder when you got some items, early game this is cool but level 1 is just enough What items should i buy for a full support build, no damage included just make sure my ADC survive. I thougt together with the E and W; - Ardent Censer; Heals and shields on allied champ grants 15% attack speed - Mikael's Curcible; 15% heal and shield power - Optional: Ethene's unholy Grail As Defense: - Locket of the Iron Solari or Randuin's Omen or Zerke's Harbinger Am i right or totally off from Lulu's build? I keep saying; I just want to make my ADC survive, no matter what. I am support, i need no kills or so. What items should i buy otherwise and what skill build should i follow to be the best of a value to my ADC?
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